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The symbol Origamo is a bird made using origami. – It symbolises fidelity and devotion to business and clients. The Origamo brand was created in order to offer the market high-quality packaging that can compete with similar products presently available; it’s manufactured in Russia, and meets modern requirements of ease of manufacture, environmental friendliness and safety, and meets the demands of the Russian customer.
Functional Products
Ergonomic Design
Laminated with Perforated and Biodegradable Film
Designed to your Requirements
Origamo is cartonboard packaging used to solve all kinds of challenges for your business. We are proud to offer our domestically produced brand containers and boxes for food retail, vending companies, food delivery services, restaurants, cafés, burger bars and other fast food businesses.
Delivered food and ready meals have become as much a part of the life of a modern, busy person as going to a store or café for a business lunch. Today, preference is given to saving both time and money. A variety of business models and a relentless trend towards buying online are stimulating market players to offer customers food of restaurant quality delivered to them at lower prices. According to leading analytical agencies, half the restaurant dinners consumed in the United States are ordered online and eaten at home. Russian and American trends are often very similar.
Solutions in Design and Technology
Complex Product Assembly
Safe 3D Gluing Technique
Extensive Printing Capability
For an occasional customer to choose take-away or home delivered food as an alternative to daily cooking, the customer service needs to be worked out in detail, and demands high quality and impeccable logistics. Incentives, discounts and even visuals on the boxes and containers must attract the consumer. High demands are placed on the packaging itself: premium appearance, well-sealed and durable, easy to use and safe – these are the most important points to consider.
Transparent collaboration scheme
All regions of the Russian Federation, countries both near and far
Any volumes at the client’s request
Professional design approach
So, we’ve found a solution for you! Origamo kraft paper containers and boxes made of coated cartonboard are perfect for delivery services, restaurants, cafés and catering establishments, for the sale of take-away food in grocery stores and patisseries, and meet all your business’s packaging challenges. Our boxes, trays and containers will become an effective tool to support your company’s image and prove that you take care of your customers and their health. Origamo’s stylish, light, high-quality packaging will enable you to meet the needs of even your most demanding customers.
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